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The Age of Adaline (Press-viewing)

The Age of Adaline most have been one of the most beautiful movies I have seen in a long time and for one who has never been a fan of Blake Lively, I sure was surprised with her acting and elegance that she brought throughout the whole movie from begining to end.

Adaline played by the very stunning Blake Lively, is a women born in the 20th century that has remained 29 years old for several years after an accident. She changed her identity and moved around every ten years, her plan was doing just fine until she meets a man that makes her want to finally stop running away and share her long kept secret.

It is an emotional journey with warmth, depth and love, tragic yet beautiful. As many would think it is ideal to be 29 for the rest of your life and never age, I think in the long run one would feel a solid emptiness within our soul. Never being able to get close to someone since eventually they would grow old, pass away and you’d be alone and saddened by the loss of your loved ones. Then having to repeat it over and over since you’d be immortal.

I loved every single moment, it was a heavenly made vision, it radiated elegance and class. The acting was on top, it’s simply a well made romantic movie without the cheezy-ness. Strongly recommended.



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