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Insidious: Chapter 3 (Press-viewing)

Had no expectations regarding Insidious 3 since I didn’t enjoy the first two and must say that I was quite surprised when I caught myself almost hiding behind my jacket, it’s not a scary movie but it has a lot of jumping scenes, you sit tensely waiting for something to happen and then it doesn’t and the moment you let your guard down you either see a face that will give you nightmares for days or a noise that will creep in under your skin.

Quinn Brenner (Stefanie Scott) is practically destroyed by the loss of her mother and after trying to contact her herself she gives up and out of despertaion seeks out to the gifted psychic Elise (Lin Shaye) for help to make an unworldly contact. There is a problem though, that when Quinn tried making contact herself, she managed to get an evil entity attached to her and now it’s up to Elise to get rid of it.

It was entertaining and intriguing but one thing left me like a human question mark, there is a scen where Elise meets up with a friend for some guidence and he brings up old pictures about a little boy, the exact same pictures that were seen in the first movie. Now correct if I’m wrong, if this movie is set to be a prequal, meaning before the first two movies, how in hell are they going to bring up those old fotos? It hasn’t even happened yet?

Lin Shaye is slowly becoming a new favorite actress, she’s amazing at showing sympathy, her facial expressions are deep and even her eyes radiates care for those around her who has been targated by an evil spirit. Dermot Mulroney as Sean, Quinn’s father was a wonderful choice, as a single father of two, frustrated over his situation.  5/10


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