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Teen Wolf

Surprisingly good, surprised by how enjoyable and thrilling it actually was, who could believe that MTV would have a good serie? Thought it would be quite B and dull for some reason but no no, now I have something entertaining to watch while waiting for BATB new season!

A slightly awkward teenager is attacked by a werewolf and inherits the curse itself, as well as the enemies that comes with it. Now he must fight to not only keep himself safe but also to keep calm and not risk killing his best friend or his girlfriend. As soon as his pulse rises, it becomes a mental war to take control of his aggregation.

Stiles Stilinski played by Dylan O’Brien, who plays his best friend are amongst the most charming and adoring characters I’ve seen, so incredibly lively. One of those people I think everyone needs in their lives; a person who is sarcastic 90% of the day, goes along with all the idiotic ideas and at the same time is incredibly caring and funny, you’ll never have never a dull moment with a nugget like him! Tyler Posey is does a well job as the teen who transforms into a werewolf, and trying to balance his life as a student, boyfriend, friend and a dangerous creature to them around him.

The series has crazy potential and can probably be ten times better, it has young talent, entertainment and an exciting and cozy mixture of fantasy and reality. 7.5


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