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Captivated by you

Finally got the 4th part of the amazing journey of Gideon Cross and Eva 4 days ago and literally finished it in less than two. It was just impossible to put away, I must have stayed all night reading without being able to close the book, I just had to know what would happen and let me tell you; it was so worth the wait. <3 I don’t know if it is just me, but I feel like the story not only gets better and better, but the writing just keeps getting more beautiful than the last and what made this one even more special, was what I had been waiting for happened, to read the story from Gideon’s point of view. It was 50/50 one chapter from his POV and one from Eva and it blended perfectly together into one alluring and intense story. I bow for you Sylvia Day, phenomenal job, once again. My heart is aching in wait for the next book already, dying to know how it’ll end for Gideon and Eva, it’s an amazing serie everyone should take the time to read and dream away. Strongly recommended! & Whoever gets to play Eva in the future tv-show adaption is going to be one lucky cookie, to not only be part of such an incredible story, but also for a moment be Eva and have a “Gideon” in her life. I hope that whoever gets it, appreciates every single moment!


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