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One Big Happy

Started watching One Big Happy and I still cannot make up my mind about it, weather I love it or absolutely hate it, yet I cannot get myself to stop watching it or not annoyed when watching it. It is a massive confusion and battle within me and it is driving me nuts.

I’m loving the idea, the storyline is entertaining and so far not something I’ve seen so far, and though I love the cast somehow they are simply awful on One Big Happy. I quite enjoyed in Elisha Cuthbert in Captivity and she’s stunning and radiates a lovely self. Nick Zano was my favorite character on What I Like About You, and he’s just an actor that you cannot help but smile when seeing him, he just has that charm about him.

Yet the acting here is uncomfortable and awkward and just weird, thought still entertaining and light, it does a bring a few laughs here and there and it’s a great show to relax to when getting home from work or a hectic day

The story is simple,a lesbian and her straight guyfriend decides to have a baby, it all goes well until Luke meets someone and gets married. Now they all have to live together and make it work.


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