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What sexy movie! About to shove up the fan somewhere to cool down the heat Addicted brought me, based on the popular erotic novel by Zane. About a woman who risks her life and family because of her sex addiction mixed with infidelity, while she slowly loses control of her life and has two lovers who becomes slightly obsessed with her.

First of all, what woman doesn’t want to se Cuban actor William Levy in action and without a shirt? They could not had picked a better actor for this role, both talented and handsome, plus that Spanish accent giving it the little extra! Sharon Leal isn’t just stunning, but also was great at showing fear and panic when seeing the turns her life were taking due to her mistakes.

Personally, I loved the movie, it just had everything I liked, from hot relationships to mentally unstable men. Excitement and love! Really enjoyed it!

Now the negative is that it is very similar to the Movie Temptation by Tyler Perry in 2013, though only with a different twist and mini storyline change. You can watch the trailers and judge for yourself.

Can also recommend a song that plays in the movie; Wrong or right by KWABS, I’ve had it on repeat since I heard it. <3



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