The duke of burgundy (press-viewing) |


The duke of burgundy (press-viewing)

A very special movie that tests the limits and patience in a relationship, how far are you willing to go to please your partner?

I do not know where it takes place or the time but judging by the vision I am assuming somewhere in the 1970s. Cynthia (Sidse Babett Knudsen) is a middle-aged woman, a professor who studies butterflies and moths. In addition to regular visits to libraries and a number of lectures, her life revolves around her younger lover Evelyn (Chiara D’Anna) who works as Cynthia’s maid, in the beginning it seems as that Evelyn is the submissive in their relationship but you quickly realize that she is the one who is the dominant and gives orders to Cynthia about how the role plays should be played out and what should be said.

The vision is beautiful, from the antique furniture to the house building. Though such a slow movie, it was still entertaining and interesting in a strange way, making you want to continue watching it. Now I do not know if this is something I would personally recommend, as I said, it is a very beautiful yet special film. 2,5/5


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