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Run All Night (Pressviewing review)

Run All Night can be put up in the shelf with the rest of all thee other action/thriller movies, nothing more, nothing less. It might had been entertaining at first but it quickly lost my attention because personally I did not think it was thrilling enough to keep me interested.

Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neesom) is a retired hit man who had a particular set of skills that he used over a long career; but due to his job he both lost conntact to his own and destroyed other families that he turned into a drunk who then was haunted by his sins. When a job between Jimmy’s boss Sean Maguire’s son Danny and a gang of Albanians goes wrong with a drug deal that get’s seen by Jimmy’s son Michael by accident, Danny panics and goes after Michael but it goes all wrong and Liam Neeson once again shows us what happens when you go after his family. Hunted by mobs, Jimmy and his son Michael must survive the night and hopefully get their version of the truth to the one and only good cop in town.

The vision was quite stunning,that I admit. I enjoyed the effects and the scenery of a dark New York City, but it still managed to lack warmth and depth. I would had wanted more background facts on the characters, more story would had made it more intriguing. Not only did they do a lousy job at introducing the characters, but the story was tamed and soft. It is almost two hours of hide and seek. Running, hiding and making sure you don’t get caught.

How Liam Neeson went from Taken to this, is something I’ll never understand. Liam is a phenomenal actor, but personally I think it was just wasted talent in this film. Now my concern is that people are comparing Run All Night to Goodfellas, making me question what THE FUCK is happening to the human kind? Are you serious? Sure; Run All Night wasn’t my favorite movie of the year, but you sure cannot compare it to one of histories best gangster films of all times!

Joel Kinnaman defintely caught my eye, not only good looking but also proven to be a really talented actor, cannot wait to see his future projects.


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