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Monsanto is an evil corporation!!

Two imporant movies that I personally think people should take the time to watch. It will open up your eyes and hopefully change the way you’ll do your grocery shopping in the future. Whenever I watch them, or read about such companies like Monsanto, more and more do I become proud of myself for becoming vegan, for choosing a healthier path and my body is defintely more than thankful.

It irritates when I try to bring this up to someone when I see them drinking a coca cola can for example, they shut me off, or tell me to be quiet, instead of paying attention, listening, I’m giving them knowledge damnit to live a better and healthier life and that’s the thanks I get, telling me that I’M the stupid one and that I should simply shut the fuck up and join them. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I’m in no damn way drinking or eating any of that crap and putting it into my system, and not only sodas, there are so much more.

Let’s start with the movie Food,INC. Personally I think if you’re a meat eater then you REALLY should be taking the time to sit down and watch this, it reveals how the animal is being slaughter, how it all goes down. You get an insight inside certain farms and how they work, and I started sobbing the moment I saw how they kept the hens, it was heart wrenching to watch it without reacting, without getting mad and even frustrated knowing there isn’t a whole lot you can do, except not eating it. Why buy it and contribue with money to such thing, and on top of it, eat it? After knowing how they treat them? How the feed them, how they keep them all mushed together, with oh so little space and worst part, they NEVER get to the sunlight, they’re all in a dark room, growing insanely fast. And one of the farmers even says so himself, why wait 3 months for a hens to grow when you can do it in a couple of days. The hens die, due to many reasons, they became so fat and big they’re little legs can carry them and they start breaking, each muscle isn’t properly developed. So that’s what it’s doing to the hens, imagine what it’ll do to you? It will slowly kill you, eventually it will. It damages your organs, fucks up your immune system and so much more. And same goes with other products. I’m not only talking about hens/chicken. But there are several brands that works with GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) and one behind it all? MONSANTO.

GMO will cause so many health issues that it’s beyond scary, and the pharmaceutist won’t say shit since they won’t be making money if your doing well! And that’s what everyone from the big companies care about, the green-ass cash, NOT you or your wellbeing. They couldn’t give two fucks about it or they wouldn’t be doing this in the first place.

What really pisses me off that we can’t even be 100 % sure today what product contains GMO and which one doesn’t, since Monsanto pays big amout of money to the brands so they won’t put it on the labels, and as the consumer, shouldn’t we have the right to know what we’re buying and paying for? And have the right to chose whether we want it or not? But by the looks of it it’s not possible, other then yourself knowing what to buy and not. Like, seasonal fruits and vegetables. If it’s bloody winter and you see a perfect, red, big, juice tomato, it’s more then likely to be propped with GMO and several other chemicals. Probably not even a real tomato. And stick to brands that has the GMO free stamp on their labels. Sure Monsanto will pay certain brands so we won’t know it has GMO, but a brand can’t put GMO free if it really isn’t or they’d be sued. And avoid artificial sugar, which is one of the worst, and other types of foods. Here is some of the brands that collaborates with Monsanto and that you should stay away from.

GMO will destroy you from the inside. If not for you, at least think of your kids and the future generation. With feeding them that crap, how will their health be in a few years? Kids are now growing and developing, then it’s more than imporant you NOW make changes in their food and diets and make sure they don’t get any of that crap in them. In Food Inc, you will hear about a case of a woman who lost her son at a very young age, which broke my heart, a healthy angel, that one day his kidneys shut down due to the shit in the food that she thought was “good and healthy” really wasn’t.

These poor rats developes tumors due to being injected with GMO and several other DNA mixes and chemicals. Think what it’ll do to YOU, stop giving them your money, make a better way of healthy living for youself and your family by not consuming GMO.

And fast food chains are the worst, ESPECIALLY Mc Donalds. It’s scary how much chemicals their food contains. Chicken nuggets aren’t even 100 % chicken, their sodas are filled with GMO, since Mc Donalds collaborates with The Coca Cola company who collaborates with Monsanto. It’s all a chain really, an evil and bad chain.


The bottom one, is the movie Seeds of death. An eye opening documentry about GMO, what it does to you and about Monsanto. For your own health, family and friends, take the time to watch it and learn something about the food your eating and porducts you’re using.

If you wish to read this entry in Swedish, check out domcoola’s site were I just posted the Swedish version of this entry. Here


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