My heart burns for the humans. |


My heart burns for the humans.

Something that utterly irks me sometimes are certain parents, not raising their childs as they should. Let’s start off with this, kids are not bullies, racists or in any way evil of any kind, or in any way thinks it’s wrong and not normal to be diffrent. A child is born as an Angel, innocent, pure and is a human bundle of joy and love, it’s later in life that some happen to tranform into something cruel and bad. Personally I think it’s all based on the surroundings and what their parents feeds them with, which in some cases are basically a plate of hate. When little, the world is new, they learn, and they absorb what they’ve been told from the parents and family.

Now, as much as it pains me to even write this, knowing we’re quite deep in 2015, still it’s not as modern as I’d like it to be, when it comes to human rights, most people are still being homophobics, racists and it’s like they’ve joined the dark side or something somewhere when growing up. Parents who are homophobics or racists, pretty much seduce their kids into being the same type of human being, instead of breaking the pattern, they continue the hate in the family, generation after generation. Kids don’t know what’s right and wrong, it’s the parents job to teach them that, but in a good way.

Kids can grow up thinking “Oh so it’s wrong being gay?”.. And that’s how they will grow up as, becoming a judgemental person, and that can end up leading to, them later in life telling their kids the same, instead of the other way around, saying it’s okay to be gay or whatever sexuality a person wants to be, and same goes for skin color tone. Parents and older has to stop. I don’t want my future kids to live in a society were they feel uncomfortable of being themselfs. And if my son comes to me and tells me he’s gay, I will be; GREAT! And it’s okay! And love him no matter what, support him, I’ll even buy him gay porn! And not only if it was my son, but with anyone! We need to break the chain, to create a better and more friendly place on earth for our future generations, spread this around and help others see that no matter skin nor sexuality, deep under we’re all the same, made out of flesh and blood. Everyone shares the exact feelings and emotions, sadness, hunger, joy, love and so much more. We all have a beating heart inside of us, the same five senses. So why should people be categorized because of their lifestyle? Based on religion, sex or color?

Why can’t we let people be free and happy? Rather then knocking them down for being who they wanna be? Us humans have such a hard time respecting others opinions, points of view and lifestyles, but only because it’s not our way, does it make theirs the wrong way? It doesn’t. Stop being close minded, and stop judeing. Stop transferring hate into kids, learn them to accept everyone. We never judge the animals because of their fur, so why not do the same with people? Open your heart and arms to humans, but mostly open your ears and listen. Stop blaming your childhood, your religion, simply stop blaming. Use your mind, have common sense and think for a moment, let it sink in. Take a journey on becoming a better person than you were yesterday.


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