Into the woods (press-viewing 2015) |


Into the woods (press-viewing 2015)

Where to begin? Into The Woods was definitely not my cup of tea, from beginning to end I prayed that the time would pass quickly and that by some miracle the movie would just stop and save me from my misery. It had been a long time since I was this bored during a movie, I even fell a sleep towards the end.

Into The Woods was a painful musical and a mixture of our all times classics tales. From Cinderella, Rapunzel, The little red riding hood to the Brothers Grimm all colliding together with one original story involving a baker and his beloved wife.

Personally I thought as epic as the cast might have been, it was a waste of talent. The entire dialog of the movie was in tune with a melody in the background, they LITERALLY sang throughout the whole film, from the very moment it started to the very end, it was a complete full on musical. A two hour song basically. I wanted to cut my own ears off.

Now, besides the horrible constant singing, one thing I give the creator credit for is the beautiful visions in the forrest, it felt real and the effects were rather stunning and intriguing, the colors were simply mesmerizing.


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