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iZombie (2015)

Already after one episode can I sense that I will become slightly addicted and obsessed to the new zombie tv show iZombie. The very first episode was captivating and fun, it was a light thriller with some comedy involved making it easy and entertaining to keep watching. It goes at a well pace and introduced the lovable characters perfectly well from the very beginning. It’s a pretty good story with a well balanced genre of fiction and comedy with drama.

The medical student Liv (Rose McIver) gets invited to a party that slowly turns into a nightmare with attacking zombies. She wakes realizing she has been turned into one and struggles day in and day out to keep that little secret to herself and trying as much as possible to live a simple life but soon finds out that being a zombie has some perks, which she uses to help the police.

Recommend it highly if you like zombies and a great mixture of comedy and interesting plot plus looking to watch a lovely fresh and new story.



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