Cinderella 2015 Press-viewing |


Cinderella 2015 Press-viewing

A beautiful, modern and enchanting movie of our all time favoritie classic tale, Cinderella. Simply magnificent.

The story is the one we all know so well and love since childhood, and it lived up amazingly well up the original which I truly loved and enjoyed. Everything from the sqript, vision and effects were magical and mesmerizing, one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen so far in 2015. You get swept away in its tale. It’s a charming and adorable movie for the whole family and new generation to enjoy. You’ll find yourself smiling, swooning at Prince Charming and also feel all degrees of sadness for Ella during her tragic sitaution she is put in with her horrid stepmother and stepsisters.

I hardly think I have to write about the story, if you have seen or even heard about Cinderella then you’ll know what the movie is about;

A beautiful girl, who looses her mother at a young age, her father gets married to another a women who comes with two daughters. It all seems like the “perfect” new family considering the circumstances, that is until her father goes away on a trip and never returns and slowly Ella gets re-named to Cinderella by her evil step-sisters and her step-mother starts treating her like a servent.

Lily James truly captured the true essence of Cinderella’s charm and beauty, her elegance and class was on top throughout the whole movie. A rising star. & Richard Madden was just perfect as Prince Charming, those eyes are ingrianed in me, haha. They had an wonderful chemistry and played the iconic roles flawlessly in every sense. Truly recommended!


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