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Thoughtful (Review)

Completely forgot to post the review of Thoughtful, the new novel from S.C. Stephens. The same story of Thoughtless just this time, we get to read it from Kellan Kyle’s POV. And if I disliked Kiera on Thoughtless, it was nothing compared to the raw hate I felt for her now. Her acts did not affect me before as much as it did now, reading it from Kellan’s view. The way she basically ripped his heart out of his chest and stepped on it repeatedly made me want to get myself inside the pages and just strangle her to death with my own two hands. I simply don’t get what Kellan saw in her, EVEN reading it from his angle. She blushed the second she accidently said a curse word, turning red and embarrassed at EVERYTHING. She handle the situation stupidly, I wanted to smack her head with a frying pan at least 40 times, and I had not even made it to the middle of the story. Besides her triggering my criminal mind, I did not think I could fall harder for Kellan, I just fell deeply and deeply more for him as each new chapter began. The story is addictive, intriguing and passionated. It also keeps you on the edge and brings you a stream of bliss every now and then, weather it’s about Griffin and his shenanigans or Kellan’s steamy moments. I just hope there will be two more books from his POV, following Effortless and Reckless.


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