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Cappie (PressViewing)

Went to the pressviewing of Chappie two days ago but hadn’t had the time to post the review, so here it is!

It’s a story about a near future where the crime is handled by a mechanized police force. The robots created by Deon (Dev Patel) starts creating a new programing for the robots, one were they will be thinking and feeling like humans, one problem, his boss does not authorize it. As he refuses to just let it slide, he steals a robot that was set to be destroyed because of damage, but unfortunately he gets kidnaped when doing it, leading it to him having to help the ones who keeps him hostage by putting together the damaged robot and installing the new programming, which his hostages wants to train up to help them pull off a heist.

The movie was quite emotional, considering he was a robot throughout the story you found yourself getting fond of him and eventually felt for him and since he was like a child, you wanted to protect him and keep him to yourself like some sort of pet. The vision is pretty well done, nothing major and not too shabby. Nothing I would personally would recommend, I thought it was ok and entertaining for the moment, but nothing epic. I think that if you wanna see a good action thriller about robots, go for I’Robot with Will Smith, from 2004.


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