The Wedding Ringer (Press-viewing 2015) |


The Wedding Ringer (Press-viewing 2015)

Went to the Swedish press viewing of The Wedding Ringer yesterday and had a quite enjoyable time. First off, you simply can’t fail when Kevin Hart is involved. You literally just smile by seeing him. He radiates charm, fun and entertainment. He’s adorable in every way and I have become very fond of his work.

The Wedding Ringer is a entertainment movie where it doesn’t involve much thinking and focus, which sometimes can be quite nice when watching a movie. You’re tired, after a long day at work, personal issues, and you feel like watching something that doesn’t need your full and much energy but at the same time brings you a smile and helps you escape your reality, even for a small moment. And that is what this lovely movie does for you.

Dough played by the talented Josh Gad, most may know him as the voice behind the amazing Disney character Olaf that took us all by storm and entered our hearts. Dough is about to marry the beautiful Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, a girl out of his league. During the wedding planing, he finds himself in a dilemma, needing 7 groomsman. Not having a lot friends, any at all he resorts to Best Man Inc. A company that provides best man services. Where he meets Jimmy/Bic (Kevin Hart). It all starts as a business arrangement only but soon developes into something else.

It’s a sweet journey of new found friendship, heart and warmth.


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