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Fifty Shades Of Grey

My my my, went to the press viewing of the highly anticipated movie of the year, of course I am talking about Fifty Shades Of Grey. And let’s start with that I had no expectations for it once I found out who the actors were, so even from the get go I was already quite disappointed.

For someone who has read the trilogy 3 times (me) I basically knew the whole story like the palm of my hand. Half the book and probably more was cut off and so were the dialogs from the books. Yes, I know that the motion picture never livs up to the actual book BUT this was just plain horrible in the way they made it. Important parts were missing, such as Ana’s interview and new job, the second book starts with her at work, that was what kepther occupied, helped her stay fosed from being away from Cristian. Mrs Jones was missing.Several lines were missig, important ones. Another thing I hated was that it moved insanely fast, the scenes just rushed by, you could barely keep up with what was happening on top of half the lines missing you sat there like a human question mark. If you have not read the books then you will probably be lost half the time. It was shallow and heartless. The movie had no depth, zero chemistry and because it moved on so fast,jumping from scene to scene, it did not get you the chance to get familiar with the characters and fall in love with them. & You were lucky if you saw them or even got a glimpse of Christian’s family members.

There is no intensity, no passion, no romantic force between Ana and Christian. You don’t get that wonderful warm fuzzy feeling when watching it. Jesus, even Twilight was better and I hate Twilight. Not at all looking forward for the next movie. A weak 3/10

The only reason why it even gets an almost 3 and not a 2, was the soundtrack. The music they used was phenomenal, simply amazing. I love every single track. They really did an amazing job.

My favorites;

The Weeknd – Earned it (Flawless, love the sound, lyric and his sensual and soothing voice)

Beyonce – Haunted

Danny Elfman – Ana and Christian


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