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Fluoride free

Bought a new Humble Brush, that you can read more about hereI, also bought a new toothpaste to try, not only is it organic, 100% vegan with absolutley no animal products and it is not tested on animals, GMO-free, glutenfree, no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives but also completely fluoride free.

Not only is Fluoride a highly toxic substance, but it can also affect your health negatively in so many ways. Such as disrupted immune system,

bone cancer,

muscle disorders,

bone fractures,

genetic damage and cell death,

kidney disease,

male fertility

and arthritis.

Does that sound like something you want? 😐 No. 😀

You can find a lot of information regarding the cons of fluoride, make sure to do a little research next time you’re about to buy a new toothpaste.


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