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Kingsman: The Secret Service

Finally back from Turkey, had an exhausting yet splendid time. Up every morning at 6, had breakfast at 7 and then spent the day hiking, visiting a carpet and gold factory, markets and stayed at 3 diffrent hotels. Loved it. I was back on the 26th around 11 and at 1 I had the Kingsman – Secret Service press viewing, so I practically, went home dropped off my luggage and went to the city.

The Kingsman – Secret Service, was a confusing mixture of entertaining but somehow lame. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. the story in overall is good, it’s a highly well written and fun script, but I simply don’t enjoy kids in these types of action flicks. It’s ridiculous, it’s Spy Kids all over again.

Harry Hart (Colin Firth) is a veteran secret agent who takes on a young troubled kid Eggsy played by Taron Egerton under his wings to show him the ropes and turn his life into a better future. There’s a small connection between the new found friends though, Eggy’s father was a secret agent who used to work with Harry Hart, until a tragic accident happened.

It’s fun and high speed, which I loved, it didn’t get dull and the acting was amzing, but it would had been an even better film if they used adults, but then again it would had collided negatively with the story, so I understand their thinking. It’s a family movie, to enjoy on a boring day.


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