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Duchess in Disguise

Literally finished Duchess in Disguise in less than 4 hours, not only was it a short story with not so many pages but highly entertaining and charming.

One day, the two sisters Emily and Clorinda receives a letter from The Duke of Westhampton, were he knows that the sister (not knowing there were two of them) was ready for marrige. They also had a older brother who due to his gamling had several depts which none of them could afford to pay back. Since Emily was in love with her childhood friend, and they needed the money, in order for them to get married and save her brother, Clorinda offers herself to marry The Duke without letting him now that not only was she the second sister but also a young 17 year old.

Once Clorinda gets to The Duke, him barely paying any sort of attention to her, AT ALL, he did not even look at her at the wedding when they said “I do”, he decides to leave her at his mansion in the land and tells her to stay put while he goes to the city. Clorinda, did not like that, and decides to go to the city herself but as someone else and with a mission, to get her own husband to fall in love with her. She gets the most expensive dresses, does her hair and gets a new name. Ready to get noticed by the one man who she insists she quickly has grown to hate.

My favorite thing about it, was that it was fast paced, it wasn’t dull nor got slow, it has a lovely flow from page to page, while it’s charming and fun. Her innocense was cute and light, she had a strong mind and did her own thing. She was not afraid of failing or going the opposite direction. I’ve read stories where the female is over 20+ and absolutely dumb and a complete idiot, here Clorinda is 17 and had a whole different outlook. I simply loved that she took it into her own hands to do something about her situation.The Duke was described as most males in the latest stories, handsome yet ignorant and quite an asshole, who did not believe in love or thought such thing even existed, until he met Her.


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