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Horrible Bosses 2 (Press viewing)

Had the Swedish press viewing of Horrible Bosses 2 today and loved it. I enjoyed the first one but had a blast on this great well made sequel. Definitely a great comedy, one I haven’t seen in a while. It’s silly, hilarious and some parts idiotic, but its the movies charm and what makes it likeable, its the lightness of it all. And it had heart and action.

The amazing trio from the first movie is back but this time not working for anyone and with an idea, one that they hope will lead them into not only living the American dream, but also not having to work for anybody and be their own bosses. They pitch the idea to several companies until one investor gets interested and tells them they have a deal, but the company wants x amount of their product, which is a shower head they have created. They shake hands, make the deal but once they finish the amount of units they were requried to, the investor changes the whole deal, leading the trio into doing the one thing they ain’t good at, being criminals.

It’s a fun journey, with plenty of laughters, if you liked the first one you will definitley enjoy this one.


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