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Courtly love

Courtly love, an medieval conception of nobly and chivalrously expressing love and admiration for another person.

It was first popularized by Gaston Paris in 1883, and it was an experience between erotic desire and spiritual attainment, and was normally a secret and between members of the nobility. (Nobility; A social class, more privileges or eminence than most other classes in a society) The origins of Courtly Love were believed to be in France in the 12th century and was practiced in English courts from the 1300’s to the 1500’s. Men would declare of passionate devotion, or do heroic deeds of valor which would win the lady’s heart.

It was a different type of showing affection, caring and love for someone, not like these days, I feel like somehow a long the way and through the years, people has lost it, like either are too lazy, don’t care or don’t know what to say or do, when in reality it’s quite simple. And poets came to adopt the terminology, for their writings or to show it for the person they wanted/loved.

Hopefully we will bring it back someday and soon. The ultimate Prince Charming. I deeply and truly hope this isn’t all dead yet, hoping the few and rare men who still shows chivalry are still out there and hoping they’ll teach their children as well, so we can bring this back. I’ve had it with all the flakes that I’ve met. But all the ladies reading this, and like me, wants a gentlemen, the “perfect” partner, don’t forget to also do your part. Don’t expect to find your king if you are not willing to be a queen! A relationship is a two-way street, don’t expect much from them if you ain’t willing to do half the work. A man shouldn’t be your ATM or a babydaddy because your clock is ticking. You two should create a life together, 50/50. Give him what you want from him, love, care, affection, joy and so much more. But also be independent, be a strong woman with a strong mind. Work hard, make him proud of standing by your side. Help each other, lift one another. Create beautiful memories and inspire others. Until I find my Romeo, I’ll stick to working on myself, on becoming a better woman than I was yesterday and to reach my goals, hoping he’s out there doing the same so when we meet, we’ll be living together, enjoying our reality what once was only just a dream.


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