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Fury (press-viewing)

Fury was in my opinion, briliant, but not according to the person I saw it with. I thought it was dark, strong, and really heartcrushing. It delivers all the right elements for a film about war. One felt the tragedy that took place during that time, really terrible. It was brutal in every detail.

It takes place in 1945, five American soldiers who are at the end of World War II, as the struggle to the end against an army of Nazi soldiers.

Brad pitt, just keeps getting better and better, his performance, his way to express himself, completely flawless. They could not have chosen a better actor!
Shia LaBeouf, been fan since he was little and had his Disney series Even Stevens, and though he now didn’t have many lines, he did an amazing job!
Logan Lerman, never payed much attention to him, but he did an awesome performance as the first scared, and against violence, but along the way developed strength to fight, thanks to the violence around him. His fear was overshadowed by his anger towards the end!


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