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This Man

This Man trilogy was addictive and thrilling in every way possible, it was alluring, sexy and intense involving the one hell of a alpha-male by the name Jesse Ward.

Besides turning me into a sexual frustrated hulk 2.0! I was going mentally mad and probably pissed throughout most of the whole story (all three books combined) She was dumb, just plain and simply dumb, someone with the IQ of -1 if that is even possible and his dominance sky-rocket to point I wanted to get myself inside the pages and slaughter him in his sleep yet I loved him every bit of my heart, it was a massive mess of emotions and confusion I went through and I loved every moment of it, I love when books grasps you and makes you feel, makes you react and brings out every strong feeling from the very depth of your soul.

The story takes place in England. It’s about Ava, an interior design, attractive brunette of the age of 26, whom one day gets a job to work with designing hotel-rooms. Little did she know that the owner was an beyond attractive, sex-God, controlling older man with a secret. A man who would eliminate anyone and anything that would stand in his way of getting her. (About his secret, think of the movie Eyes wide shut by Stanley Cubrick – sort of thing)

It’s extreamly well and beautifully written, and ever since I finished it have I dreamt and longed after a Jesse Ward in my life now, though I must admit it took me reading these books around 3 times before i warmped up to him and then became obsessed. Strongly recommended!


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