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Annabell (press viewing)

Not a disappointment. The music from the get go and revealing the name of the movie to when the credit started rolling at the end, Annabelle was a great, well made horror flick that will give you the creeps throughout the whole journey. I was tense during most parts and caught myself holding my breath as well. It’s been a while since I actually got scared during a movie, and I’m sure the main reason to it, as long as I can remember, have I hated dolls. So a horror movie with a horrific looking doll will sure as hell scare the living hell out of me. At one moment I even felt my very soul escaping my body.

Annabelle can been seen as prequal to The Conjuring or as any other horror movie. I loved the fact that you can still understand the script, grasp the story of the doll without seeing The Conjuring, even though they’re attached, they’re not at the same time.

The movie starts off with the same beginning as The Conjuring, tre people talking and explaining the doll and how they ended up with it. One of them, a girl working as a nurse mentioned getting the doll from her mother for her birthday. (Worst gift ever I thought, I would had sued my mother of she gave me a doll looking like that!)

1960s in a California suburb, a married couple, John and Mia (Ward Horton & Annabelle Wallis – Ironic how that’s her real name) whom expecting their first child, living next door with another couple whom lost their daughter, she had not passed away, but they lost her to as what they called a cult. The daughter, Annabelle had run off joining some other people following the path of their new “Master”, the Devil.

One night, John gives Mia a vintage doll, since she being the doll collector she is, bursted out in joy, and sat the doll up on a shelf next to the others. Same night as they enjoy a good night sleep, Mia hears a loud and piercing scream coming from next door, waking up her husband in complete shock, gets up and John runs across to find out what happened, only to see the couple had been brutally killed. While he orders Mia to go back home and call the ambulance, she does as told, but in the house, she’s not as alone as she thought. She faces two satanic cultists, a man and a woman, covered in blood in full psychopath mode and the woman showing fondness and affection to a certain doll.. After that, their household would never be the same, especially after the birth of their daughter, Leah.

Besides loving horror movies, there is one thing I enjoy more, which is the 60’s vision. The fashion, soft faded colors, the designs and surroundings. Annabelle Wallis acting was superb, not only in the way she moved, her elegant and classy gestures and way she spoke, but as much as you could feel her strength for protecting her family, you saw her fear that radiated through her eyes. The view and epic surprises were flawless. Great movie to enjoy, interesting and tense with a few jumpy scenes.

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