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I’m about to shove the AC up my butt to cool down the heat that Hudson brought me. As I predicted, I fell completely and utterly in love with him when reading the story from his perspective. I mentioned on the review of The Fixed Trilogy from her side that I didn’t fell for him, at all. Told from her point of view, he came off as a man that I’d never be able to trust, or believe anything that would come outta his mouth. But getting into his psyche, the way he thought and acted, it all made sense and suddenly I found myself understanding him and trusting him, making it easy for me to fall for his character and making him into my top 5 favorites, including “Kellan Kyle”, “Gabriel Emerson” & “Gideon Cross” oh and “Travis Maddox”, ah how could I forget him?! :’)

On The Fixed Trilogy, I mentied it’s only flaw, details on description. Hudson was more detailed in that aspect and every other. I had no problem imagining him, her or the scenery. I loved it and lost myself in their world and forgot about mine, which is what I love about reading, it takes you on an intense, sexy and thrilling ride, and you can’t find yourself to hop off and leave it. The story was addictive, you want to absorb every bit and piece of it all. It’s insanley steamy and pure sexiness oozes trough each chapter, making your temperature sky-rocket to unhealthy levels, in an amazing way though. 😉

I’d defintely recommend it, strongly. To start with The Fixed Trilogy and end it with extraordinary Hudson. You won’t be able to put it away, and the moments you do, you’ll find yourself dreaming about him, there is no escaping from the man, Hudson Pierce. You’ll love him!

Now as whom I pictured for him was the model Jerome Adamoli, or someone similar to him and as Alayna, someone like Kim Kardashian, look wise, I don’t know, I try to picture someone else, but Kim keeps creeping her way back in. There’s something about her face that makes me think that Alayna would look like her in a way. The dark hair, the brown eyes, the skin, amazing breasts, flat stomach and gorgeous! A younger version of Kim would be perfect in my opinion!


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