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Dracula Untold (press viewing)

Dracula Untold, is by far one of my new favorites this year. My heart was jumping up and down out of excitement and my soul was blissfully happy from beginning to end. The thrill, the action and the marvelous vision on screen, I was in awe.

Just like Hercules, I love movies based on history and legends, and with todays skills and technology, you can make some really good epic films that you won’t be forgetting for in a while, those movies that just sticks with you, and Dracula Untold will be one of those, especially for me. It will take a moment for me to shake it off, I’m still buzzed from yesterdays pre-screening. An amazing big screen movie that will take you on a dark and powerful ride, and you will get glimpse on how far someone will go to protect those they care the most about, even if that means turning into a creature of the night, whom most will fear..

Vlad Tepes, a young lord played by not only the handsome Luke Evans, but also talented. With his beautiful family, they’re living a peaceful life. Until one day, a king who is expanding his army is not only satified with silver but now also demands Vlad to give him 1000 young boys to join his army, and one of them is Vlad’s son, Ingeras (Art Parkinson). With such threat facing him, desperate for a way out, Vlad seeks to dangerous forces, to pure evil who resides within the Broken Tooth Mountain. In hope with new powers he’ll be able to defeat the king and his men.

Luke Evans was phenomenal as Vlad/”Dracula”. The movie doesn’t become too much, over the top with action and effects, but it doesn’t get dull either, it had a great balance. It told the story in a interesting way that it captures your attention from the very first moment. It’s interesting and has heart. Even though he turned into a bloodthirsty creature, he never lost himself in it, he never got blinded by his dark powers. He was in control over them. His family and kingdom always came first. His humans emotions were always there, so you always felt for him and understood him. Which I loved the most about the film.

I would strongly recommend it, it was beautiful and entertaining! Amazing cast and acting.

For the Swedish version of this review, please click; here!

& I’m also considering on starting to write the reviews in Spanish, don’t know if anyone would be interested in that. So we’ll see. Though I haven’t written in Spanish since I went to school in Argentina when I was 6-10, but I’m sure it’ll be fine! Like riding a bike 😀


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