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American Horror Story – Freak Show

I ran out of tv shows to follow, well not really, but the ones I already follow are on a break (new season hasn’t started or the season just ended) so after doing a little of searching on Google and reading few reviews I decided to start watching American Horror Story – Freak Show. And I wonder how the fuck I have managed to live without watching it any sooner. I’m insanley hooked and obsessed with it. It’s twisted, dark and intensely scary at certain parts. Don’t be expecting rainbows and butterflies!

It’s, in a way hard to explain since by each new season it’s a different story. Though it has the same cast, they play different characters. Which when I started watching the second season without knowing, confused me but then slowly got the hang of it and realized it was a whole new chapter basically.

The show has made a phenomenal work on keeping you on the edge by every episode, gasping for air, biting your nails and having you all tense and jumpy. It’s absoFUCKINGlutely awesome! Superb suspense, and creepy. The script is creative, shocking and also weird, which makes it even more twisted and scary what it already is. A true excellent, intriguing horror serie. It has the exactly right elements to make it the perfect horror story. Season 1 for example; The haunted house, the background history of several murderers that accured in the house, caused by different characters at different eras, where some were plain and pure psychopaths with severe mental issues. The spirits that haunts the house, are flawlessy on their top game with acting and make-up. The unpredictable scenarios had me jaw dropping, eyes wide and watching looking like a complete human question mark.

I’m excited and longing for Season 4 to start, premiering; 8th, 2014. And BEST part, it’s been confirmed that the love of my life Matt Bomer will guest star in one episode but to not expect him to look in any way near eye-candy as he usually does, but has been said to be “Fairly twisted, emotionally and possibly physically”! THAT just will make me fall for him all over again, his looks, and to play this type of character? Gah, I can’t wait! I always end up obsessing over those. Like Ben Foster in Bang Bang You’re Dead & Hostage, Mark Wahlberg in Fear, and now in American Horror Story’s first season, was “Tate” played by Evan Peters and fuck, I ended up dreaming about that boy. And now Matt Bomer? I just.. I can’t even.. This is too much.. *faints*

10/10!! Strongly and highly recommended!

At night, I get a cup of tea ready, some yummy munchies and get all comfy to watch it! It’s the perfect show to end the day with.

Second and first season opening.


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