Comic Con 2014 |


Comic Con 2014

On the 30th the doors to this years Comic Con / Gamex opened. The place was packed with glorious souls of different ages, excited and ready to testtry games and much more, buy awesome merch from their favorite games, movies and comic world, while enjoying a day of news and entertainment with others who shared their interests.

I thought it lacked a good balance between games and movies, it was too much games and way too little about movies and series, hopefully next years will be better.

The absolute highlight was not only seeing RJ Mitte answering questions and talking about Breaking Bad, but also getting a little chat with him after and two hugs! I have been pointing that out for hours now haha 😀 I’m still hyped and still can’t get over what an amazing, down to earth, sweet and inspiring guy he was. I think I’m crushing on him now, handsome cookie too! I wish him the finest of best wishes on his future project!

My inner nerd is like climaxing right now, bought a tshirt with one of Sheldon’s (The Big Bang Theory) famous lines. A Star Wars Book & 3 pins. One with SOA, Jax Teller & Darth Vader.

So happy that I got this chance! Memory for life. <3


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