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Space Station 76

I enjoyed it! Almost impossible to hate on it. I don’t know what the mofos on IMDb are complaining about, though it’s not the first time. Greedy bastards, Smh. I got the vibe of a parody of a 1970s sci-fi movie when watching Space Station 76, all the details and aspects from that era was included. The clothes, the music, simply the vision was screaming the 70’s!

It was strange yet entertaining, it wasn’t dull or boring in a way but somehow got a weird feeling to it, I couldn’t not watch it, I wanted to know what would happen, how it would end, though by the end of it I got a little disappointed on Tyler’s and Bomers’ characters, I was waiting for something to happen between those two, they had a little moment but it wasn’t enough, Bomer’s “wife” Misty played by Marisa Coughlan, was a total puta so I kept waiting for Ted (Bomer) to cheat epicly on her.

I loved the cast they put together; You got the beautiful soft-spoken Liv Tyler, talented Patrick Wilson AND the perfection that is Matt Bomer, who apperently in the movie you find out that his “wife” had never had an orgasm with, funny since I would come just by looking at him! So obviously there is something wrong with her.

It’s fun, sometimes sad, and occasionally uncomfortable. I’d definitely recommend it, it has to find its audience first though, because it’s not for everyone. I guess you’d have to have my weird sense of humor to get it! xD

& Kudos to the great director Jack Plotnick for his work, I’m definitely keeping an eye on him and his future projects from now!

For the Swedish version, click; here!


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