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A reminder of White Collar’s new season airing date! Mark your calendars my lovelies, November 6th. Ugh I’m so excited; *fans myself*

It’s almost heart-wrenching knowing that this will be the final season, and on top of being the last they are only giving us 6 episodes! What kind of fuckery is that? At least give us a full season, I won’t even be ready nor been mentally prepared to say my goodbyes, I need time to adjust myself to the thought of no more White Collar, and I can only do that by having a full season of more than six episodes, so I can episode by episode try to let go. BUT no. They want me to climb the walls of insanity, ride the waves of despair and fall down the black rabbit hole!

And six seasons is NOTHING! Days Of Our Lives went on for over 50 years, I even lost track of how many stupid seasons they made during all those years. So when a production team or whoever is behind it says a show “can’t last that long” or the “character has to move on”, then they are talking coconuts. So uncool. Now, I don’t know what their reason is, but I don’t like it.

Anyhoes, the new season is set to start November 6th 2014, at least they didn’t drag it out until 2015 or I would had sent a massive complaining letter.

“The team will take on The Pink Panthers, a criminal gang that operates globally. Further, Neil already learned that Peter’s bosses at FBI rejected Caffrey’s application to be a free man, especially that he has helped the White Collar division in many ways. And this season will not disappoint, with an exciting and shocking ending that fans will never forget.” <– This is too much for my heart and soul to handle! *faints*

If you haven’t seen WC before then I strongly suggest you prepare yourself for the 6th season by catching up and watching the first 5 seasons. You won’t regret it, it will take you on an amazing, blissful and thrilling ride!

Plus, who doesn’t want to see that ravishing, dazzling and far beyond gorgeous man?! I’d use the word pulchritudinous, but I hate the word, sounds like something unpleasent and like I’m insulting someone even though it means great physical attractiveness. Season after season? Pretty sure no one would complain if they kept the show going! And he’s more than just that, he’s a talented actor AND has the voice of an angel singing. And best part, he doesn’t even play for my team, which I love and support! Because if he did, I’d just be hating hardcore on the puta who gets to be with him -.- , so this way, it’s perfect! & I can’t wait to see what his future projects will be, I wish him nothing but the finest and purest of best wishes, love and health! For him and his beautiful family <3 That also goes for the rest of the cast.

Oh and obviously I’m going nuts already over Magic Mike XXl (though btw, made Tatum or the one who was behind it to end up on my blacklist, to have a contest where the price is not only being an extra on the movie BUT getting to meet the guys, but of course, only for mofos in the US) so fu.

And no more Mozzie either, love Willie Garson, he was just amazing on Sex And The City! :/ This is depressing.

Well, going to work on my book, I wrote like a whole chapter at the gym today while sitting on the bike, I wrote everything on my note app and then emailed it to myself. 😀


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