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Making the black bean spaghetti today for lunch with some Dolmio ready to use tomato salsa and I added some soymeat to make it “heavier”, and so it wouldn’t be pasta and salsa only. Plus the soymeat is rich in protein. 😉

Black bean spaghetti; High level of protein, calorie cheap, no gluten and rich in fibers. Fiber is good for intestinal function, they prevent constipation and hemorrhoids. Plus, studies have shown reduced abdominal fat when consuming more fiber. & it’s Vegan and Organic.

The spaghetti took around 5-6 min, I boiled the water and added 1 little tea spoon of organic vegetable powder broth to give it some more flavor, and broths are perfect to use instead of salt. While that was cooking, I started with the soymeat that I heated up with a touch of olive oil from Toscana, bought in Italy and some organic herb salt. Then poured the tomato salsa and lowered the tempeture to 1 and left it until the pasta was ready, then pour the salsa in and mixed it with the pasta, stirred it all together and done!

I had some organic spelt cookies/cakes along with it, that also are protein and fiber rich. Plus my green tea! 😀 Click here to read about which green tea I am drinking.


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