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Took a mini trip to my favorite health and grocery store, Goodstore. Bought a little bit of everything, vegan ham, salami & chicken style spread for my sandwiches. Organic white tea, organic pasta and black bean spaghetti. Vegan and organic raisins dopped in chocolate and some organic snacks + vegan mayo. Oh and vegan chicken style burgers, strips and some sort of “nuggets”.

I’m really exciting about trying the black bean spaghetti, never tried or tasted it before so making it for lunch probably tomorrow with some tomato salsa.

I LOVE sandwiches, actually I LOVE bread so the vegan style spread are defintitely my favs. And good delicious snacks are a must in my pantry or I will go Hulk 2.0 if I don’t have it when I crave it, especially during winter or colder seasons. There is nothing that beats having a craving for something, not having it and not being able to go out to buy it either because it’s Day after freaking tomorrow outside. Psh. Nah uh, always got to be prepared for that shit! Plus these are yummy and healthy snacks, quinoa and humous chips 😀 Packed with protein and fibers and best part, no GMO, No MSG and no artificial flavors. A fist of that, a sandwich with vegan bread plus something to drink and you my friend, got the perfect thing to eat while watching your favorite movie! 😉 You’re welcome.

And the bean chips, got Iron, Zink and magnesium. 😀 And the humous chips are a tiniweenybit spicy, so they sure as fudge boost up your fat-burning.

Wellwell my lovlies, going to remove my red nailpolish. I always get tired after two days, tops. pfft. Anyways, have a peaceful night. mwuahh!


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