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The Equalizer (Press-viewing)

Went to see The Equalizer yesterday. It’s dark, thrilling and edgy. Even though it was a little bit over two hours it didn’t get dull or slow paced. And as much as I liked it and enjoyed myself, it wasn’t original. You have seen this type of action flicks several times before. Bunch of Russian bad guys shooting, handling women trafficking and all other illegal things. The “good” guy, walking in slow motion with killer explosions behind him, and then the victims. It wasn’t fresh or new, but it had great action and pretty great effects and great acting.

Robert (Denzel Washington) is your ordinary guy, works, lives alone and likes to read and spends his time at night at this dinner where he also meets Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz) a hooker under the control of Russian gangsters. During one night when he finds out that the Russains has beaten up Teri real good, he simply can’t sit and not do anything. With his hidden skills he will take you on a ride of taking karma and vengeance into his own hands.

As much as I love Denzel, and what a talented actor he is, I felt as if this certain role just wasn’t for him. I would had liked someone like Clive Owen, Liam Neeson or even Jean Reno. Sorry Denzel. And even Miss Mortez, she truly impressed me in If I stay, but her face is too pure and innocent looking to be playing this advanced part.

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