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The Maze Runner (Pressviewing)

Right from the get go did I know The Maze Runner would not only be the next big franchise movie but also by judging the trailer I got a Hunger Games sort of vibes, a nicer version though since here they cooperate when in The Hunger Games they basically kill each other.

And I sure was right, by the end of this movie they ended it with a quote that makes it obvious a sequal is on its way, which I’m already excited for. The Maze Runner was insanley intense that at certain scenes you felt like beging part of it which I loved and at most momets I was just holding my breath hoping and wishing they would make it. It’s thrilling, fast paced and highly entertaining from the start. It’s not nor in any moment dull, at all. It’s simple to understand the facts and details of the story, it’s not complicated and difficult. It has heart and huge depth of emotions, I truly enjoyed the bond between the guys and the chemistry of the group. They all in different ways radiated genuine kind hearted kids and actors. They seemed pure and I aboslutely loved that. The maze was complex, and every night it would change making it close to impossible to figure a way out, the Grievers (huge sort of spider monster type of creep inside the maze) was disguting and scary as hell, pretty sure I would had shit my pants, TWICE if I ever came across such creature. It was a mix of robot legs and flesh with this horrid face I hope to never see in my dreams.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien) with no memory or clue of what’s going enters the Glade, a community of boys in all ages who has learned to cope together and work as a team to make it alive while encircled by a giant, constantly changing maze, who according to the group no one would make it out of it alive, especially by night. While the rest of the boys seem to have settle down and cope with the fact that they might be stuck there, Thomas refuses to believe there is no way out. His brave soul and caring heart takes the group by storm and soon convinces most of them that there is still hope.

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