Day 5 - Uffizi Gallery |


Day 5 – Uffizi Gallery

A dream come true, to walk down the halls of Uffizi, to gaze at masterpieces and inhale nothing but the finest and purest of art and history, Such peaceful and beautiful place.

1. The ticket.

2. My favorite masterpiece by Sandro Botticelli – Birth of Venus.

3. Primavery by Sandro Botticelli.

4 & 5. The beautiful Tribune.

6. The Niobe Room.

7. Me, walking down the halls of Uffizi, surrounded by masterpieces.

8. Crucifix with Mary Magdalen – Circa 1502-1505 by Luca Signorelli. (It was destroyed but restored in 1989)

10. Things I bought.

11. A small version of Birth Of Venus.


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