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I <3 Organic

Bought a new organic green tea with taste of orange and black currant that I thought I’d try, and ended up loving it. I’m not very fond of oranges, but you could barely taste it since the black currant dominated the flavor.

Green tea are wonders for your mind, body & soul and probably one of the greatest beverage you can enjoy and at the same time know it’s healthy for you. 1-2 cups per day can be a great tool for weight control, and 2-3 cups a day burns up to 100 calories. But green tea has other several amazing factors, as well as preventing osteoporosis and kidney disease, Rrduces the risk of diabetes by protecting insulin-producing cells. Also protects the skin against UV damage, and the antioxidant in it prevents the body from absorbing 30%+ less fat. The antioxidant also clenses which leads to a healthier and clean skin!


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