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Hola my little sweet chiquita bananas! Thought I’d start writing, well telling short little stories, momentos I go through at work, that at the time is no fun but later on had brought nothing but laughters. So besides writing my book (that seems to take forever, I keep changing my mind about personalities and scenery in certain chapters) attending the press viewings and doing eye lashes extensions, I also work at Bijou Brigitte as a seller. I love my job, I know my job, how to do it and I feel confident there plus that I’m lucky to work along side other amazing souls.

But there is one thing that ain’t all butterflies and rainbows, certain customers, I mean I get shocked sometimes, litertally. And before I get into that and why, I now have realized that whenever I go shop, I have way more respect for the ones behind the desk. Not that I didn’t before, but I feel for them, standing there long hours and sometimes having to deal with unpleasent people. Because I have and it’s definitely no fun.

One thing about us, is that there is no refund, if you buy something and later on change your mind, you can’t get your money back, however you can exchange it for something else or get like a sort of “giftcard” with the “money” or whatever it is you trying to return costs. So because of this little “rule”, I’ve taken a lot of shit, and not only me, the others working there as well and what’s funny, is that it’s not OUR fault. It’s the brands/store policy, if you have a complain about it, take it with the main manager, call him in Germany and deal with it, but don’t go all coconut apeshit at us, whom are only doing our job and following the rules that were told when we took the job.

One thing that bothers me deeply is when they start cursing you out in a different language, especially not knowing that you understand and speak that language as well.

One time, this woman came in and wanted to return something, and I politely told her she could change it for something else or get the “gift card”, of course, as always, she didn’t like those options and started making a scandal and I struggled to keep my cool or I would had sent her to the very depth of hell, which obviously I can’t do that (when working). Throughout the conversation and going back and fort explaning that it’s not my fault, her phone rings, she picks up and in Spanish says “The puta (whore) here doesn’t want to give me my money back”, not knowing I speak Spanish, and when I heard she called me puta, I flipped and in SPANISH replied; “The PUTA here, is only following the rules of the store!” The look that came on her face was PRICELESS and I felt epic, and what pissed me off the most is that she would had NEVER said puta or whore in Swedish to my face, she said it in a language she thought I wouldn’t understand. Like, gtfo. I was furious. She quietly took her item and left the store.

Anyhoes, that’s one, I have plenty of them and I felt I’d share them with you, I’ll post one every now and then, it’ll be like a sort of venting for me. (:


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