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Did some shopping, needed new converse, the ones I had couldn’t take a single minute (literally) anymore, it was a miracle I made it home in them. Then a pair of Air Max that I’ve heard are insanely comfortable so we’ll see, and a pair of jeans! I literally had no jeans, all were ripped, broken and looked horrid and I had looked everywhere and beyond for the that perfect one, the perfect shade of blue, the perfect leg shape, the one that makes your butt pop and look jucy and voila, found them! From LEE! I wanted a new pair before leaving to Italy next week, or I probably would had walked around in one pair of black, which would be no fun since I like to change outfit 4514591,01245 times a day. And I want to give a shoutout to the ones working there, not only super sweet, knew their jeans but also for the patient with little moi. Because I am the WORST when it comes to shopping jeans, or its not the shade I want, or the shape or it makes my ass look flat, or it’s not medium waist yadayadayada, due to why I don’t have many jeans. Oh well, but found a pair that I’m happy with and thankies to the ones working there at Carlings @ SKHLM.

Btw. Gotta love how the NIKEYÄÄÄ shoes looks like for kids. x’D


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