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Found heaven on earth just a few minutes away from where I live, a grocery store with several amazing vegan and organic products.

Made quinoa pasta with marinated tofu & veggies; zucchini, mushroom & broccoli.

While the pasta was cooking, I fried the veggies with a touch of olive oil & organic herb salt. When it all got a beautiful toasty color I removed them from the heat, then just mixed it in with the pasta!

Quinoa; Very high level of proteins and has a low GI and is completely gluten-free!

Zucchini; Filled with beta-carotene & Vitamin C & K. Protein & Fiber source. &+ Low on calories!

Tofu; Tofu is basically based on soybeans which are protein packed and tons of fibers.

Broccoli; The king of veggies as its called. Vitamin A, B6- B1- B2- B3, C, K Iron, Protein, mangnesium & zinc, that is the cure for a better immune system and to prevent colds. And it’s perfect for vegans, since it has a high level of calcium! And so much more. So make sure to start eating broccoli a little bit more often.

Mushroom; High level of the antioxidant ergothioneine, helps prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Also bought spelt (dinkel) pasta, based on algae spirulina. Packed with protein, iron and other vitamins! And look at that gorgeous green color!


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