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I had insane expectations of this film, everywhere I turned in London, there were huge posters of the film with 5+ stars, comments and quotes on how phenomenal this movie was, how epic it was. Man was I disappointed.

It’s an whole hour of JUST TOM HARDY IN A FUCKING CAR. It was Burried all over again (which PS I still want my money back from, strongly considering on writting a complaning letter to Ryan Reynolds)

This must have been one of dullest movies I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a bunch of them! I kept waiting and waiting for something major to happen, a car crash, some phone call that would turn it all upside down. NOTHING. And I mean NOTHING, literally happened. Once the credit started rolling, I was in shock, wide eyes and wondering what the fuck that was about, and if that was it. Apperently, it was.

The writer, director and the whole team behind this film ended up on my black list, so did all the people who said how perfect this film was. Fooled me completely. Also, every one at IMDb made to the top spot on my list, with the reviews and giving it a 7,2! 7,2 really? REALLY?!! No. Just, no.

Locke (Hardy) has a small car trip to make, and throughout the journey makes and takes different phone calls.


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