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LUCY (press viewing)

I really looked forward to see Lucy once I saw the trailer and whom was in it. I’m head over heels smitten by the stunning and badass Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman is by far one of my many favorite actors. I mean really, I just want to be rich enough to have Morgan Freeman read me bedtime stories.

The movie definitely didn’t fail nor disappoint me, it truly lived up to my every expectations and I sat there completely sucked in and in heaven of thrillers and intense movies!

The concept reminded me of the movie Limitless, though imagine this to be the female version and yet had an original take to it. Personally I thought it was exquisite in every aspect and detail of the story, it had intensity, got your heart pumping at certain scenes and it was intelligent and had depth. The vision was just as beautiful as the script was written. A well done impressive and excellent Sci-Fi movie, really loved it, and Scarlett nailed it in every way, she kicked ass from begining to end.

Lucy (Johansson) gets accidentally caught in a dark deal. Wakes up to find out she has been turned into a drug mule, she has been open and sowed back together, one little thing though, they have hidden a package with a powerful synthetic drug inside of her, but that unfortunately starts to leak. Once the drug takes effect on her and spreads through her system, she realizes she’s getting more access to her cerebro, a normal human uses up to 10%, Lucy reached a 100%. Throughout her journey she reaches out to Professor Norman (Freeman) the leading authority on the human mind.

As said, great film and I would definitely watch it twice, really enjoyed it, all of it. Strongly recommended!


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