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The Purge: Anarchy (press viewing)

I didn’t have any sort of expectations since I hated the first one, the script was quite intriguing and entertaining and I was sure it was going to turn out great on the big screen, but the first one was just simply and pure bad, all of it. Thankfully the second one was much better.

It’s still the same concept and story as the first one, but this time we get to follow 3 different stories who later on comes together into one. The first one is about a mother (Carmen Ejogo), daughter (Zoë Soul) and the mothers father (John Beasley). As they prepare for the annual purge, getting locked and safe in their apartment, the father disappears into his room and ordering the girls not to bother him. Once the dinner is set on the table, and the daughter is about to get him to join, she finds his room empty and a letter from him, explaning his absence, since they weren’t really a wealthy family he had offered himself as martyr to a rich family.

(The riches had their own way of purging, they would pay for a poor one, whom they could basically kill in the safety of their own home)

So the father had arrange for the family to give the girls 100.000 dollars due for them to kill him.

Second story, is about a man (Frank Grillo) who seeks revenge for the death of his son, whom got killed.

& third story, a young couple (Zach Gilford & Kiele Sanchez) whos car breaks down in the middle of a road just as the purge is about to start, which switches on their panic button, and now they have to survive out in the streets.

All the stories come together, once the second story (the man) who’s very misterious in the begining saves the mother and daughter from being killed by a group of men in uniforms. While he’s saving them, the young couple who has been running around, finds a car that isn’t locked and gets in, soon to find out the car belongs the man and they throughout the movie tries to protect each other as several one are out there purging.

The movie is fast speeded all the way and doesn’t get boring, at all. It’s intense and it makes you wonder how it’d be if that actually happened, honestly, I’d be screwed, plain and simple. Only if you got like Bill Gates bank account can you make it through such night, by buying the most expensive security system, or also get a plane ticket and leave the country for the night or that week.

Though I enjoyed it and thought it was interesting it’s also stupid at the same time, the point of doing it, some even killed just for the heck of it which annoyed me, like the rich one buying someone to kill. Like, what is your legit reason to even be part of it in the first place?

Anyways, if you enjoyed the first one, you will definitelly like this one, or if you were like me who didn’t like the first one then you will also like this one!


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