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Sex Tape (press viewing)

Once again have I neglected the blog, due to several reasons, some personal, and others such as work, and I’ve been working several shifts in a row, then writing, having some quality time with my other half, which is crucial for me to squeeze in my schedule, I need those moments so I can later on cope with another day of life, and I’m slowly but getting better at reaching out when something happens and talk about it, one thing that has never been my strong suit, but I’m taking babysteps forward on expressing how I feel, thankfully the one I do talk to has been patient about it, something I will always be greatful for. <3

Anyways, so since other things has come up I haven’t had the time to sit down and write the reviews from the press viewings I’ve been attending lately, such as Sex Tape, Hercules & The Purge – Anarchy. So I will post them now.

I want to start off by mentioning how stunning Miss Diaz looked in this film, I’ve never payed much attention to her as an actress nor her looks, she was someone who was just “there”, I don’t know, but now I saw her in a new light and she looked gorgeous and younger, she was glowing.

The movie in general was semi-entertaining, not something I’d watch twice, or something I laughed throughout the movie, there was one scene I remember were I fully and completely cracked up, when Jason Segal tried to talk in a British accent, that made my day, other then that, it’s not a full-on comedy but it isn’t bad either.

Annie and Jay, a married couple who has managed to somehow neglect sex due to work and kids, so one day to make it interesting and bring back that spark, they come up with the brilliant idea of filming themselves having sex, and usually when making a porno you have a sort of “theme”, an idea, a scenery, they decide to do every position from a book, simillar to a Kamasutra one. The whole thing went on for around 3h.

Once done, Annie tells Jay to delete it from his Ipad, one problem`? He forgets and it gets synced with all other ipads he has given out to friends and family. Now the panic begins.

I definitely enjoyed their acting, and Jason Segal seemes to have slimmed down drastically. But I wouldn’t give this movie more than a weak 4, and that’s me being nice. Not something I’d recommend, there are so much better movies that are out right now, that are ten times better!


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