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Hercules: The Thracian Wars (press viewing)

Let’s start by giving MAJOR props to Dwayne Johnson for his body transformation in this movie, he looked like a beast, in a fabulous way.

What I loved about this movie was how fast it took on, it’s on full speed throughout the whole 98 min, it doesn’t get dull and slow how certain movies tends to be, it has your full attention and focus from begining to end, and even when the credit starts rolling you’re still on your seat, the soundtrack was the cherry on top, it made the whole final product better, it made it epic.

It’s action packed, it has heart, humor and a beautiful vision. Plus phenomenal acting by each one involved in this film, especially by Dwayne Johnson, he was truly convincing in the role as Hercules, loved him, Might have also developed a little crush on him after seeing this movie.

The movie starts off by someone telling the story of Hercules, and don’t make it clear if it’s a myth or real, and leaves it for you to make a decision weather you believe in him or not. If this half human and half God actually exists. Until Hercules appears and leaves everyone blown away by his powerful strength.

Hercules is a tormented soul, because of his past and the loss of his family (wife and two kids). Along the way has he met others who has then stayed with him and kept him company and fights along with him by his side, until one day a princess reaches out to them, offering gold in return that they’ll fight for her father, protect him and help him defeat the tyrannicals. One small twist, they’ve been fighting on the wrong side.

I definitely recommend this one, I truly enjoyed it and I’m not really a fan of this genre.


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