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Morning my lovelies! Just made a “juice”, not really a juice since I didn’t use any fruits, but it ain’t exactly a smoothie either, hm.. Oh well. Mixed purified water, linseed oil, 2 tea spoons of nettle powder & and 2 teaspoon of rosehip powder, then added a few drops of lemon. And HOLY CHICKENWINGS, honestly, it tastes disgusting, as always it took me like half an hour to get it down, I had a glass of water next to it, so I took a sip, then water, sip, water, until I finished it. I have one in the morning and one at night. Blehh

Nettle; Consistent with chlorophyll, but also, silica, iron, calcium, folic acid, amino acids, magnesium, provitamin A and vitamin C and B vitamins. + So much more and loads of antioxidants. Packed with nutrition and vitamins, wonders for your body, skin, hair & nails. Nettle, is clenses your blood and is a immune system boost!

Rosehip; Considered to be effective against urinary infections, strengthens immune system and helps to keep our cells young. Vitamin C bomb & also filled with antioxidants. Supports the elasticity of bones, brain and cardiac veins.+ Also helps to promote the pigmentation of the skin, providing the perfect tan.

These powder are from Biofood, totally organic and GMO free.

Well, I have the day off today, so hitting the gym. Have a beautiful day. <3


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