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Begin Again (press viewing)

I’ve gone to several press viewings lately, written and working on my books, looking at fabrics for the clothing designs I’ve been working on, plus squeezing in the gym and meeting up with friends to catch up, so I’ve neglected the blog and let it slide for a while, but I’m going to try now to once again make it a priority and keep you lovelies updated, especially when it comes to the movie reviews. I think most of them have had it’s Swedish release, but I will post the reviews anyways. And sorry for the delay. <3

One of the movies I fell in love with was Begin Again. Not just for the story, the dazzling acting by each and one of the actors, but the vision of the gorgeous city, and how it was all filmed, along side the clothes and colors of the picture all together.

It’s entertaining in the most lovely way you can imagine, it’s warm and has soul. It’s one of those “feel good” movies, the ones you sit through with a blissful emotion while waching, the one that when it ends and credit starts rolling and you leave the theater, you still have a smile on your face, and throughout the day your simply in a great mood. It changes your day completely for the better.

Greta played by he talented natural beauty Keira Knightley, whom I’ve become very fond off, is a young song-writter living in Manhatten with her boyfriend singer Dave (Adam Levine) who has signed a record deal and ends up working a lot and traveling, singing most songs written by Greta. One night he comes home, plays her a song he has recently written himself and as if she could read minds but understoond the meaning of the song and realized one thing. He had cheated

She leaves him and moves in with a friend, and one night goes to a pub and her friend convinces her to get on stage, and sing. And little did she know that, that moment would change her life and take a whole new turn.

What happens, is that the very night she sings, a music-business executive by the name Dan (Mark Ruffalo) sees her and wants to sign her and work with her, one tin issue though, he has just been fired from his company due to his alcoholic problem.

It’s an emotional journey for everyone involved, Dan struggles with bottle and keeping in touch with his daughter, Greta getting over her ex and working on her own thing, and the ex then finds himself waking up and realizing his mistake while being on a tour. All of them goes through several stages of feelings and trying to get back on their feets. It’s a film about love, strength and so much more.

You’ll find yourself sheding a tear, laughing and agreeing with some moments and quotes.

It’s a cosy movie I’m pretty sure most people will enjoy!


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