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My mother called me few days ago all blissful, you could hear it in her voice how excited and happy she was, I figured she had amazing news to tell, turns out she had heard a song on the radio, fell completely in love but never got the name of the group, and all she knew was that it was a new “boyband” from England and she had the radio on the whole day after that hoping she’d hear the song again but it never came on, and told me to look it up, only problem though that by the end of the day all she rememberd was how amazing the song was and just a very few words of it like; “Little” “Love” “My life” and something about “Tonight.” So then I got those words, boyband and England, and let me tell you, not EVEN FUCKING GOOGLE WAS HELPFUL! I got frustrated because by then I REALLY wanted to hear this song and hear if it was as epic as she had made it sound.

Two whole days later, still no clue who the fudge she was talking about I downloaded an app on her iphone, so whenever they came back on the radio, she’d use the app and it would recognize the group and name of the song, and let me tell you, I’ve never seen her as happy as she did when she had the names.

I finally now had the name, and it was Rixton and the song was Me and My Broken Heart, I listened to it and boy was she right, not only did I love it from the moment it started but also now have I been having it on repeat and I can’t get enough of them, I haven’t been this excited for a boyband since I was like 10 and I heard N’sync. Music wise now it’s just basically Marilyn Manson & JT. But now I find myself singing Rixton songs in the shower.

But what I love about these guys is that though it’s a boyband, it’s not the typical boyband, all in leater jackets, shades, or whatever and dancing together all synced thinking they look cool but only look lame. And in each song you can hear that they put their heart and soul into it, you can just by listening to them, get how much they love doing it.

But what makes me love them even more, is not just their music, but also I’ve been watching few of their interviews on youtube and they have spunk, humor, personality and radiates positivity and simply are genuine guys.

As I wrote on my last post regarding my father, I’ve been groing through some tough days and walking around with a dark cloud above my head, but their songs has helped me escaped that, even for a moment, I can listen to it, feel content for 2-3 minutes, sing my heart out and feel okay, and though it’s a short moment, it’s better than nothing. I love Make out, Me and my broken heart and the response to Taylor Swift’s – I knew you were trouble. Everything seems fine, and I’m actually in a good state of mind when I’m listening to them. So whenever I’m down now, I’ll just burst their music and smile like an idiot. I may be 22 but I swear, when they come on, I’m like a 15 year old fan girl, all excited and turning up the volume. 😀

What is starting to annoy me now, is that when they’re in Sweden apparently, I’m in England and when I’m in Sweden they’re on a UK tour. But damnit, I hope I get to see them, and soon.

And shout out to my mami from bringing them into my life!

I am fully smitten by Jake & Lewi! Those mofos are just fucking amazing! <3

I truly hope they continue this way, I wish them the best of luck and success in the future and I wish them nothing but the finest of pure happiness to each and one of them.


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