A million ways to die in the west (press viewing) |


A million ways to die in the west (press viewing)

Went to the press viewing of A million ways to die in the west, with my boss from one of my last jobs and we both enjoyed it, so did the rest of the ones in the salon.

First of all, I’m starting to become a true Seth MacFarlane fan more and more by each work I get to see from him, he’s defintely growing on me.

Albert (Seth MacFarlane) is a farmer who gets dumped by Louise played by the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried. He does everything to get her back until he meets Anna played by the even more stunning Charlize Theron who throughout the movie helps him overcome his “obsession” with getting back Louise, only a twist though, Anna isn’t whom he thinks she is, she has been hiding a few yet important things from him that he later finds out and turns everythings upside down.

I caught myself and the others several times cracking up and wiping off tears of the purest of joy, the salon echoed with laughters and people enjoying this film as much as myself.

What I truly liked about the film is that even though it was very predictable it was still original, the humor and acting.

MacFarlane did a splendid job as the director, writer, producer AND actor. Great lines and costumes and amazing vision of the old western.


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