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Men at work

Started watching Men at work, and I’m on season one and completely loving it so far! It’s entertaining and plain fun to watch.

You got the one who got dumped, the ladies man, the pretty boy & the clueless one. And together they create this amazing cast that will have you wiping off tears of joy.

Basically the show is about the stories of four friends that works together at a magazine. You get an insight of both them at work and private life. It’s kinda like a Sex and the City for men in other words. Since I’m only on the first season only it’s quite hard to give out a full review on it, but like I said, I’m loving it so far.

& All of them are great actors but the two ones that I personally think has the best lines are Danny Masterson & Michael Cassidy. They make it worth watching! I truly recommend it, I’m def looking forward to watch the next seasons!


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